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Quality of Life:

Jeremy recognizes that the lack of quality of life is at the heart of many challenges facing Alabamians. Alabama ranks abysmally in critical areas like maternal healthcare, overall healthcare, and general quality of life. The solutions are straightforward: affordable healthcare access, well-paying jobs with benefits—mandating an increase in the minimum wage—quality education spanning from trade schools to colleges, and robust protection for our most vulnerable, including individuals with disabilities, veterans, elders, and children. Real change starts with prioritizing the well-being of every Alabamian and investing in the pillars of a truly prosperous society.

Access to affordable Healthcare

In 2023, Alabama was ranked 2nd as the worst state in America for healthcare, and it holds the 7th worst position in the nation for quality of life. Alarmingly, Alabama ranks as the worst state in the country for maternal health—a stark reality that cannot be overlooked. It’s ironic that despite Alabama’s strong pro-life stance, the lack of adequate care results in the tragic deaths of mothers and babies. The refusal to expand Medicaid in Alabama exacerbates these issues, directly contributing to the troubling statistics. It’s clear that our Republican colleagues prioritize politics over the lives of Alabamians, leaving many vulnerable citizens without access to essential healthcare services.

What Jeremy Will Do as Congressman to Help Our Great State:

  1. Jeremy will collaborate with our Governor and Legislature and utilize the office of Congressman to apply pressure, if necessary, to push for Medicaid expansion at the State Level, working towards obtaining the 100% match.
  2. Jeremy will fight to lower prescription drug costs and advocate for states to opt into cost-saving measures.
  3. Jeremy will staunchly defend the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), ensuring its protection from constant attacks, as it serves as a vital lifeline for children’s healthcare coverage.

Good Paying jobs with benefits

Jeremy has successfully brought more than $10 million in economic revenue to the State of Alabama through the creation of tech and innovation jobs. Additionally, he has made significant investments in his current State House District of Lee and Russell counties, with hundreds of thousands of dollars allocated to schools local nonprofits and millions secured for (CVCC). He firmly believes that access to good-paying jobs with benefits is crucial for community well-being and economic justice.
What Jeremy Will Do in Congress:

  1. Raise the minimum wage:
    Jeremy will advocate for an increase in the minimum wage to ensure that all workers earn a living wage.
  2. Fight for Paid Family Leave:
    Jeremy will push for legislation to implement Paid Family Leave policies and incentivize businesses to provide this benefit to their employees.
  3. Universal Child Care:
    Jeremy will work to establish Universal Child Care to ensure that all families have access to affordable and high-quality child care services.
  4. Invest in Green Energy:
    Jeremy will prioritize investments in green energy initiatives, which will create millions of new jobs, particularly in farming and agriculture sectors, while also addressing environmental concerns and combating climate change.

Women’s Rights

Jeremy is on record advocating for women’s rights, and his faith drives this fight because he recognizes that the laws being pushed by conservatives are often rooted in racism and systemic oppression. It’s crucial to acknowledge this reality.

Jeremy firmly believes in protecting women’s reproductive rights and understanding the disproportionate impact restrictive abortion laws have on marginalized communities, particularly poor women and women of color. As a black man who grew up in the projects, Jeremy refuses to support any measures that further criminalize women, exacerbating already alarming rates of incarceration, especially in states like Alabama.

Jeremy recognizes that as a man, it’s not his place to insert himself into the deeply personal decisions made between a woman and her doctor regarding her reproductive health. He advocates for respecting women’s autonomy and trusting them to make the best choices for themselves without unnecessary interference or judgment.

What Jeremy Will Do in Congress:
In Congress, Jeremy will vigorously fight to protect reproductive freedom by advocating for several key measures:

  1. Advocating for Access to Reproductive Healthcare:
    Jeremy will work to ensure that all individuals have access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare services, including abortion, regardless of their income, location, or insurance coverage.
  2. Opposing Restrictive Legislation:
    Jeremy will oppose any legislation that seeks to impose unnecessary restrictions on abortion access, such as mandatory waiting periods, targeted regulation of abortion providers (TRAP) laws, and gestational bans.
  3. Promoting Comprehensive Sex Education:
    Jeremy will advocate for comprehensive sex education programs that provide accurate information about contraception, reproductive health, and consent to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their bodies and sexual health. He believes in starting this education as early as the 5th grade because national research indicates that many children are exposed to explicit sexual content as early as age 7, with the average exposure age being 13. By implementing comprehensive sex education early on, we can get ahead of this issue
  4. Supporting Funding for Reproductive Health Services:
    Jeremy will support funding for organizations like Planned Parenthood and other reproductive healthcare providers that offer essential services, including contraception, STD testing and treatment, and prenatal care, in addition to abortion services.
  5. Addressing Healthcare Disparities:
    Jeremy will work to address healthcare disparities that disproportionately affect marginalized communities, including poor women and women of color, by advocating for policies that improve access to healthcare services and eliminate barriers to reproductive healthcare.

By championing these measures, Jeremy will actively work to protect reproductive freedom and ensure that individuals have the autonomy to make decisions about their own bodies and reproductive futures.

Gun Violence and Prevention

Jeremy knows that we can protect 2nd graders and the 2nd Amendment by implementing common-sense gun safety laws. If elected to Congress, Jeremy will champion:

  • Comprehensive gun safety measures
  • Universal background checks
  • Banning assault weapons equipped with high-capacity magazines
  • Increased investment in mental health services and community-based violence prevention programs

As a State Representative, he has vigorously advocated for safeguarding the mental health of children and all citizens of Alabama while staunchly opposing the extreme gun laws proposed by Republicans. He pledges to continue this fight in Congress, standing firm in his commitment to protect mental health and promote sensible gun safety measures.

Criminal Justice + Prison Reform

Background – Criminal Justice Reform
Criminal Justice Reform is a cause Jeremy is deeply committed to. As Pablo Picasso once said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” When discussing criminal justice reform, we must reimagine the system and work toward meaningful reforms. Jeremy successfully passed the 180-day grace period bill in Alabama with bipartisan support, providing returning citizens the opportunity for a fair chance and time to begin paying fines and fees, thus aiding in their reintegration into society. He understands intimately the plight of our brothers and sisters as they return home from incarceration and the uphill battle they face. Having experienced firsthand the impact of the justice system on his own family members, Jeremy knows the vicious cycle that stunts entire families, and he is determined to end it.

What Jeremy Will Do in Congress

  1. Address the legacy of the War on Drugs by legalizing marijuana and providing retroactive sentences for weed-related crimes. It’s unjust that young black and brown men and women are incarcerated for weed while others, like Donald Trump, evade accountability for their actions.
  2. Decriminalize Mental Health Crises and invest in social workers within communities to partner with law enforcement, safely de-escalating situations without harm.
  3. Fight for diversion, rehabilitation, and treatment programs to address underlying issues contributing to crime.
  4. Advocate to keep juveniles out of adult prisons and prevent them from being tried as adults.

Background – Prisons Reform
The U.S. has 5% of the world’s population but nearly 25% of its incarcerated population. Overcrowding and human rights abuses are rampant in Alabama’s prisons.

What Jeremy Will Do in Congress:

  1. Put pressure on the State to reform its prison system and advocate for federal intervention if necessary, as the situation is untenable.
  2. Pass legislation at the federal level to reduce incarceration rates, reform marijuana laws, and eliminate felonies for non-violent crimes such as unpaid parking tickets or licenses.
  3. End mandatory minimum sentencing to restore fairness and discretion to the judicial system.
  4. Improve conditions in women’s prisons and all prisons.
  5. Expand the First Step Act, which has already made strides in reducing the federal prison population and restoring judicial discretion in drug cases, retroactively reducing certain drug sentences.

Environment + Agriculture

Jeremy is deeply committed to protecting our land, soil, and water. As the only candidate running who has represented both rural and urban communities, Jeremy intimately understands the challenges these areas face, particularly concerning our environment. To achieve comprehensive environmental protection, we must address several key areas, including US emissions, farming innovation and technology, and irrigation practices. If elected, Jeremy will prioritize the following initiatives:

  1. Improving Irrigation for Farmers:
    Many farmers, particularly those in arid regions, face challenges with irrigation systems that are outdated or inefficient. Jeremy will work to secure funding and support programs aimed at modernizing irrigation infrastructure, promoting water conservation, and increasing the resilience of agricultural operations.
  2. Ensuring Black Farmers Have a Fair Chance:
    Historically, black farmers have faced systemic barriers to accessing land, resources, and markets. Jeremy is committed to leveling the playing field by advocating for policies that provide equitable access to loans, technical assistance, and market opportunities for black farmers, fostering greater diversity and inclusion in the agricultural sector.
  3. Expanding Agribusiness:
    Agriculture plays a vital role in our economy, providing jobs and sustaining rural communities. Jeremy will support initiatives to expand agribusiness opportunities, promote sustainable farming practices, and invest in research and development to enhance productivity and profitability in the agricultural sector.
  4. Reducing Emissions and Combating Climate Change:
    Agriculture is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, but it also has the potential to be part of the solution. Jeremy will advocate for policies that incentivize carbon sequestration, promote renewable energy adoption on farms, and support practices that reduce emissions while enhancing soil health and resilience to climate change.

By championing these initiatives, Jeremy will work to protect our environment, support farmers, and ensure a sustainable future for agriculture and rural communities.


Jeremy intimately understands the hardships many veterans face, being the son of a veteran and the grandson of a WW2 veteran. He knows firsthand the importance of keeping our promise to veterans and providing for them. Alabama has a strong tradition of supporting veteran families, and Jeremy is committed to maintaining that legacy while advocating for increased funding in Congress. As a steadfast advocate for veterans, Jeremy will tirelessly work to ensure they receive the support, resources, and care they deserve. His commitment to our veterans stems from a deep respect for their service and sacrifices made in defense of our nation. Here are some specific actions Jeremy will take to protect and advocate for veterans:

  1. Ensuring Access to Quality Healthcare:
    Jeremy will fight to expand access to high-quality healthcare services for veterans, including mental health care, specialized treatment for service-related injuries, and timely access to medical facilities.
  2. Supporting Job Training and Employment Opportunities:
    Jeremy will advocate for programs that provide veterans with job training, education, and employment opportunities as they transition to civilian life. This includes supporting initiatives that incentivize businesses to hire veterans and promoting entrepreneurship opportunities for veteran-owned businesses.
  3. Addressing Homelessness and Housing Insecurity:
    Jeremy will work to address the issue of veteran homelessness by supporting programs that provide housing assistance, job training, and supportive services to homeless and at-risk veterans. Jeremy will also advocate for affordable housing options tailored to the unique needs of veterans and their families.
  4. Protecting Veterans’ Benefits:
    Jeremy will fight against any attempts to cut or undermine veterans’ benefits, including disability compensation, pensions, and survivor benefits. Jeremy will work to strengthen and expand these benefits to ensure that veterans and their families receive the support they need and deserve.
  5. Improving VA Accountability and Efficiency:
    Jeremy will push for reforms within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to improve accountability, transparency, and efficiency in delivering services to veterans. This includes advocating for measures to address systemic issues within the VA, streamline administrative processes, and enhance oversight to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse.
  6. Supporting Military Families:
    Jeremy will champion policies that support military families, including access to quality education, childcare assistance, and spousal employment opportunities. Jeremy recognizes the sacrifices made by military families and will work to ensure they receive the support and resources they need to thrive.

Overall, Jeremy is committed to being a strong and vocal advocate for veterans in Congress, fighting tirelessly to uphold their rights, honor their service, and improve their quality of life.

What citizens should know:

Voters in the Columbus, Montgomery and Mobile media markets need to see on broadcast and cable news that Rep. Jeremy Gray has spent his life giving back to the Alabama communities that raised him
– Opening the Curtis House to help kids and families get back on their feet
– And getting elected to the state house, where he has fought for better schools, better healthcare, and better jobs for our part of Alabama
– He is a resident of Congressional District 2, he is 38 years old, and on March 5, he will be voting for himself, unlike many other candidates

Black primary voters, particularly those older than 45, need to see in mailboxes that Rep. Jeremy Gray has a track record of fighting for Abortion rights
– As his Republican colleagues move to ban IVF, Jeremy’s dependability is more important than ever
– He has a track record of bringing money and jobs back to the district through passing Innovation and Tech bills in the legislature, and he will do the same in Congress
– He is a resident of Congressional District 2, he is 38 years old and on March 5 he will be voting for himself, unlike many other candidates
Black primary voters need to see on streaming and mobile devices that Rep. Jeremy Gray has a track record of fighting for Abortion rights, Criminal justice reform, jobs and education
– As his Republican colleagues move to ban IVF, Jeremy’s dependability is more important than ever
– He is a resident of Congressional District 2, he is 38 years old and on March 5 he will be voting for himself, unlike many other candidates